Monday, February 27, 2017

#SHETHER Remy Ma Drops Nicki Minaj Diss Track...And Its FIRE


 Shots were fired back to back on this 7-minute track where Remy goes at Nick like a savage. She touched on everything from her surgically enhanced body to how much money Nicki is really getting. All I could say was.....


>>>>>>>>Listen to it here. <<<<<<<<<<

This track reminds me of battle rapping Remy Ma, where she would tear people apart bar for bar with ease. I think this is dope for hip hop culture, not two women at each other's throats, but two artists putting their talent where their mouth is. Both women are undoubtedly talented, however, I think Miss Minaj is in over her head. On one hand, Nick has more hits and success in this game, but Remy has that raw off the top lyricism not many can hold a candle to. Honestly, Nicki has had a monopoly on the female rap sector for some time. It is easy to call yourself the queen when nobody challenges your crown, but Remy has done just that. I, like many, are eager to see how Nicki will respond to this, if at all. Her social media responses were corny and gives the impression she is shook. I just hope she doesn't take a page out of Meek's book and become the Queen of L's. She better call Safaree bring out the best of the best because Rem WENT IN!

Here's a throwback from when it was all good

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