Wednesday, October 18, 2017

BISH PLEASE: Hazel E Thinks People Are Jealous Because She is Light Skinned.... Oh And She hopes Gays Burn In Hell

Today Hazel E is getting the attention she so badly desires catching major heat for bashing dark skin and gays... caught the bs as it unfolded.

It all started when Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious repeated rumors about Hazel's boyfriend Rose Burgundy being gay.

That's when Hazel and Rose snapped

Ummm Sis let me tell you NOBODY is jealous of your light skin.  People don't like you because you are annoying, pressed, and lame. Love the skin you're in... says the girl who has reconstructed her WHOLE BODY.  You keep trying to boss up on people but end up looking like the ultimate joke. And just an FYI Hazel... Gays run LA!


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