Monday, October 2, 2017

#THEBOOT Has Porsha Williams Lost What Was Left Of Her Peach??

Looks like our girl Porsha may have missed a few of those anger management meetings. Porsha may be getting her peach revoked for attempting to put paws on one of her castmates. this exclusive tea on #RHOA ....

Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton got into a MASSIVE blowout during the cast trip to Barcelona and Porsha got sent home early.
According to our source, Porsha and Marlo got into an argument and things escalated quickly when Porsha pointed an object in Marlo’s face.
Marlo then snatched the object from Porsha, which prompted her to LUNGE in Marlo’s direction.
Porsha didn’t touch Marlo, but security did break them up and Porsha had to be restrained before being escorted from the venue.
The ladies aren’t set to leave Barcelona until tomorrow, but Porsha was put on a flight yesterday.

Porsha just posted this to her Instagram. 

...Sounds like confirmation, but with a different narrative

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