Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#SNEAKY Jerika Karlae Blast "Friend" For Creeping With Young Thug

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Jerikka got her hands on Thugger's thotline secret phone, and found a familiar face (among other body parts) in the archives.
Apparently, Amy Luciani (the "friend") and Thug have been exchanging sexual text messages, and Jerikka decided to post her findings on snapchat.

Amy was not to pleased... she had a few words for JK.

Word was the two have been on the outs, but that doesn't give your girl the green light to pick up your leftovers and take a bite. Your man creeping with your friend or anyone you know for that matter is the ultimate disrespect....JK leave Easy Breezy Thugger Girl in the dust! 


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